What is the significance of Tiffany blue?

Tiffany blue

The jewellery company Tiffany is probably the only one who hasn’t heard of it, but not everyone knows about the signature colour of the same name! The company, founded back in 1837, not only sells jewellery but also many other products, from porcelain and crystal to perfumes and stationery. And it’s not just the renowned jewellery that has become a cult object – the trademark colour, whose very name is protected by copyright, is captivating in its depth and brightness.

What makes this colour unique?

Turquoise evokes the transparent beauty of a cool sea. It is based on blue and blue-green colours. These shades are associated with comfort, tranquillity, and a refreshing swim in the summer heat. Many are familiar with it as the colour Tiffany, which is a trademark of the famous American company. Turquoise shades give a feeling of freshness and purity. It has the unique ability to relieve fatigue and irritation. Blue-green is not only found in water. For example, it is difficult to take your eyes off the bright turquoise wings of a tropical butterfly or a bird of paradise with such delicate plumage. It has the powerful power of attraction.
In nature, there is a stone turquoise with this colour. It is considered the best magical talisman on Earth. It is often used for inlays in jewellery. It looks particularly good with silver. Designer Elsa Perreti uses Tiffany’s turquoise in her creations.

Tiffany colour has different meanings in different cultures:

  • In the East, it is a symbol of tenderness, love, intuition, and self-confidence. Turquoise is associated there with the water element and is something spiritual.
  • In Europe, nowadays, such shades are associated with intimacy, poise, and communication. Most often this is due to the electronic information flows represented by this colour. Many people in the world associate turquoise with success. It is a true royal colour, reminiscent of a jewel.

It used to be believed that turquoise could protect against evil. Nowadays, it is often used in interiors because it has a therapeutic effect on people. Psychologists and stylists assure that to achieve harmony in everything, you can wear clothes in shades of turquoise or various accessories: gloves, umbrellas, scarves, or bags. The colour is said to be suitable for absolutely everyone, regardless of hair colour.

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