What does the Cartier Love symbol mean?

Cartier Love Bracelet

The classic declaration of love is a diamond ring. But is it the only way to declare your passionate feelings? No, Cartier’s collection of romantically named Love bracelets makes it even better! The Love de Cartier bracelet is one of the most famous jewellery pieces in the world. It consists of two semicircles joined together to form a single whole. In the language of the jewellery world, such a bracelet is the same as a declaration of love. It was voted the most successful collection in Cartier’s history in 2006.

How was Cartier Love created and what is its speciality?

The idea for the simple but original bracelet came from Aldo Cippulo, a designer who has made a huge contribution to Cartier. This collection was his first collaboration with the French brand. The author of the jewellery came up with it at night, being in a dreary state. He wanted to create something that no one could ever take away from him. That is how the idea of a new symbol of eternal love – a gold bracelet with a screwdriver in a set – was born.

Cipullo believed that modern people needed symbols of love that would remain almost unchanged over time or that could not simply be removed. Such symbols were meant to represent eternity.
The Cartier bracelet was positioned as a new kind of engagement ring and symbolised the shackles of love that people put on themselves voluntarily. The gold piece consisted of two parts that were joined together with screws and a screwdriver to form a single piece that fits snugly around the wrist. It was practically impossible to remove the “shackles” on your own: you needed a partner to do this – a loved one.

Bracelet symbolism

According to jeweller Cipullo, he created “handcuffs for a couple in love”, because to undo Love requires a tiny screwdriver that comes with each piece of jewellery. This approach at first surprised society, not accustomed to such simple aesthetics in jewellery, but Aldo knew what he was doing: in just one year the model became a bestseller and completely changed the perception of precious accessories. The bracelet has been worn without reason and without reference to an outfit or an occasion, as it was customary before. The jewellery accompanies its wearer day and night, like a cupid guarding a love affair.

The modern version of this jewellery piece features an even more refined look and a variety of timelessly recognisable elements: the tightly fitting bracelet is decorated with screws, which can be daintily crafted in pink, yellow, or white gold and encrusted with diamonds.

Thanks to its versatile, succinct design and comfortable construction, the bracelet by Cartier is beloved by women and men alike, regardless of the era or the fashion trends. Therein lies one of the secrets to its enduring success. The symbol of reciprocal love will be relevant at all times and for everyone.

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