If you’re looking to add a Rolex to your collection, chances are you’ve been researching nonstop. However, this may cause some confusion—words like “aftermarket” and “custom” are frequently used in product descriptions, but what does custom Rolex actually mean? And how does this affect your search?

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The answer appears straightforward, but the devil is always in the details. A custom Rolex is simply a Rolex with after-market modifications made to the timepiece. It appears to be simple, doesn’t it? It becomes more complicated when you investigate the various adjustments and how they affect the cost and value of your watch.
While it is important to understand what a custom Rolex is, it is also important to understand what that means for you. Here are a few things to think about when buying a customised Rolex watch online.

Always begin your search by determining why you’re looking for a new timepiece. A more conservative watch collector may avoid customizations, but some are looking for a timepiece that is unique to their own style. Others look to custom gemstone settings to obtain the Rolex of their dreams for a fraction of the retail price.

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When looking for a Rolex, you will come across watches with custom bracelets, finishes, gemstone settings, dials, and even non-aesthetic watch parts. A Submariner with a sleek all-black PVD coating is always an aftermarket modification. Many vintage Rolex watches will even have a non-Rolex leather strap. Despite the customization, some are still very valuable due to the rarity or quality of the rest of the piece.

When looking for a diamond-set Rolex watch, make sure to read each listing and product description thoroughly. Rolex makes several models with factory-set diamonds, but these models are quite expensive, and the designs are often understated and traditional. If you come across an outrageously priced diamond Rolex, chances are the diamonds were added later.

Aftermarket diamond Rolex customizations are a popular option when looking for a diamond Rolex, and for good reason. Rolex watches with factory-set diamonds are often prohibitively expensive, but the look can be achieved for much less with a customised Rolex. If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind diamond Rolex or a watch that is not manufactured by the manufacturer, you should be wary of unethical dealers. Make sure to conduct extensive research and use common sense. If a diamond Rolex is listed for much less than retail, but the words “custom” or “aftermarket” are missing from the description, avoid at all costs.

Buying new or pre-owned custom Rolex watches online will get you the most bang for your buck, but even discounted Rolex watches are still expensive. It is critical to always be sceptical of your online shopping destination because many sellers will try to mislead or even sell counterfeit items.

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