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Our Investors

LeadX Capital

LeadX Capital Partners provides assistance to all fast-growing companies that are focused on digitalization.

At the moment, LeadX is one of the largest investors with more than 50 investments.

It should be mentioned that thanks to its investment team from Europe with 85 years of experience in this field, LeadX strives to generate value through partnerships with lead generation, as well as access to METRO companies.

Karma Ventures

Karma Ventures ( is a company that invests in promising startups and companies.

Our company works exclusively with companies that inspire confidence in rapid growth, as well as to think globally with the help of technology. helps companies grow in all aspects – commercial, strategic, and technical.

Alven Capital is an early-stage venture capital firm with over $500 million under management.

Alven Capital

The small venture company that has over 500 million dollars.

Alvin Capital is more interested in ambitious French entrepreneurs in the field of digital technologies.

This list includes companies that are engaged in: Web brands, marketplaces, data management, artificial intelligence, and etc.

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