How to choose used jewelry?

Experienced experts and gemologists are on the side of science: efficient, accurate, and honest. Every piece of jewelry that reaches the experts is thoroughly washed, cleaned, and polished. This means that the jewels not only get the look of new but also become sterile in terms of hygiene. You may ask, so what’s the good of buying used jewels? The main advantage is the more favourable price of the item. Jewelers offer discounts that sometimes go as high as 50%, which is pretty good compared to the price of new jewelry.

How to choose used jewelry?

Choice of used jewels by appearance type

Jewelry is not an everyday purchase. When we choose a piece of jewel for ourselves or buy it as a gift, we get more than just a piece, we get lasting value. With the right approach, a new piece of jewelry can become a favourite accessory, or it can lie in a casket never being worn.
So how to choose the right used jewels and what nuances should be considered? This is what we’ll try to figure out. To choose a jewelry piece that will look perfect, you need to pay special attention to the features of your figure and type of appearance.

  • Spring Type

As a rule, these are people with light hair and blue eyes, with an ivory-coloured face. Are you a spring looker? Delicate and subtle jewels are perfect for you. Better not to get massive rings and chains with big diamonds: they will look rude. Avoid platinum and white gold jewelry so that you don’t have any problem blending the metal with your looks. In this case, yellow and pink tones are preferable.

  • Summer Type

Such people are characterised by pale or ashy eyes with a shade of grey and light pink skin. Unlike the spring type, representatives of the summer type should purchase white metal jewelry. The choice of size is only influenced by a person’s personal preferences: the summer type can wear both large and small jewelry.

  • Autumn Type

Autumn people have reddish or brown hair and pale pink or gold-coloured skin. They also have green, brown, or dark grey eyes. Bracelets, chains, and rings in white gold, platinum, or silver are not recommended for people in autumn types. Plain gold and rose gold are more suitable. But you can experiment freely with size because autumn-style people can choose both massive jewelry and elegant accessories as well as delicate ones.

  • Winter Type

The winter type is people with dark brown or black hair, dark brown eyes and a fair complexion. However, people with a winter type look bright and flashy, so small jewelry on them is hardly noticeable. For a more sophisticated look, large, solid pieces of white gold and platinum are worth giving your preference.

Is it worth buying used jewelry?

Specialists sell products of proven quality because they value their reputation and the trust of customers. Thus, it is a good way to buy exquisite jewels at the best price for you. In addition, you can find very rare and special jewelry that is no longer sold as new. Among the used jewelry you will be able to find world-famous brands and using the aforementioned tips pick some pieces for yourself.
You can take the jewelry without fear that it will not meet the standards. These are the same kind of jewels that stores offer, only second-hand.

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