''Excellence is not a skill it's an attitude''

At Jyjewellery, our staff is made up of experienced professionals who carefully and consistently authenticate all of the watches we buy. During this full examination , we check the authenticity of the watch case, movement, documents and presentation case, as well as the correctness of the serial number and year of production, in order to ensure all of these items match up. We also examine peripheral parts such as the hands, dial, crown, etc.

Thanks to the professionalism and knowledge of our staff, Jyjewellery can certify the authenticity of every single watch we sell. We make good on this commitment of authenticity by providing you a dated, detailed invoice for your watch with the Jyjewellery company stamp on it.

We take as much diligent care with our jewelry appraisal , inspecting the materials and gems in the utmost detail, as well as all of the stamps, serial numbers and documents provided.

All of these checks are performed in our shops and the information is entered in our computer system in order to maintain the details of every transaction we make.

Eleanor Barnes (CEO)